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In addition to cleaning without drying out, the Lowell Dynamic Shampoo acts directly on the scalp, activating blood circulation and, thus, stimulating the growth of stronger, healthier hairs that are resistant to falling and breaking. Exclusive, its formula is smooth and enriched with nutrients and actives that also prevent and minimize possible irritations, flaking and itching.



The combination of Lowell Caps with the Lowell Dynamic line is ideal for those who want long, healthy and free fall hair.

Lowell Caps, the multivitamin complex aims to promote beauty through the nourishment of the body, bringing harmony and vitality from the inside out, Lowell Dynamic line contributes with the acceleration of the growth of the yarn and also supplies, through Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic, external needs to the threads, repairing damages, sealing the cuticles and ensuring protection against breakage (and occasional falling for breakage), and other visually perceived effects.

Potentiate your treatment and conquer, in a short time, the hair that you have always dreamed!!!


How to use:

Lowell Caps

Take one capsule daily or according to medical / nutritional guidance.


Lowell Dynamic Shampoo

While washing, apply Lowell Dynamic Shampoo to damp hair and massage them into a lather. Rinse until complete removal of product and repeat operation. Then use the Lowell Dynamic Conditioner.


Lowell Dynamic Conditioner

During washing, after cleaning the wires with Lowell Dynamic Shampoo, apply the Lowell Dynamic Conditioner to the tips by massaging them to facilitate and optimize their absorption. Rinse until the product is completely withdrawn.


Lowell Dynamic Tonic

Shake before using. After washing with the Dynamic Lowell shampoo and conditioner, remove excess water from the wires and apply Dynamic Lowell Toner over the entire scalp extension, massaging it thoroughly and gently. Do not rinse. Let it dry naturally or wait for the product to act for 10 minutes before using the dryer.



- Lowell Caps (30 Capsules)

- Shampoo Lowell Dynamic (240ml)

- Conditioner Lowell Dynamic (200ml)

- Tonic Lowell dynamic (60ml)

Lowell Dynamic Shampoo 240ML

SKU: 45.000001-01
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