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Who We Are

Bab Zulfa is the official distributor of Lowell hair product brand in GCC, Egypt - Lowell is considered to be a leading brand of hair products in Brazil and other regions. Bab Zulfa General Trading provides exceptional hair products from Lowell to this region, services and expertise to a wide range of clients.


Our sales team is here to address all your hair beauty needs, making sure you walk out satisfied with your next purchase. 

Bab Zulfa as well is proud to announce that recently has managed to be the sole distributor of Kahai Oil Skin Care Products, one of the latest market trend as Anti Aging and cosmetic surgery healing product. the extract of Kahai fruit shows stronger effects then Argan oil due to the higher content of Vitamin E y 50%, rich in antioxidants and with anti-inflammatory effects.

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