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Lowell Protect Care Power Nutri Kit for dry hair, deeply nourishes and protects from dryness, without weighing.

Lowell Protect Care Power Nutri Kit rescues vitality, restores softness and shine to your hair. Your hair looks extremely silky, frizz-free and with a natural balance.


Lowell Protect Care Power Nutri Shampoo 1000ml: hydrates and cleanses hair completely.

Lowell Protect Care Power Conditioner 1000ml: seals cuticles, untangles and increases hair resistance.

Mask 450g: reconstructs, restores shine and softness.


Apply the shampoo to damp hair and massage gently with your fingertips. After foaming, rinse until the entire product is removed. If necessary, repeat the process.

On the wet hair, apply the conditioner smoothly from middle until the ends of the hair.

Kit Lowell Protect Care Power Nutri Professional Treatment

620٫00AED Regular Price
496٫00AEDSale Price
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