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Lowell Cacho Mágico Curl Activator Fluid promotes the spring effect on curls and helps keep them loose, light, shaped and frizz-free for much longer. Ideal to activate the curls in the "after day" with great softness, a practical, efficient and indispensable solution for your day by day.


Curl Activator Fluid with 10 benefits.

1- Hydration.
2- Definition and Modeling.
3- Anti-frizz action.
4- Satin Shine.
5- Protection against air humidity.
6- No weight.
7- Does not harden the curl.
8- Perfume.
9- Maintains natural balance.
10- Versatile and easy to use.

Application Tip

Spray the Curl Activator Fluid directly onto the hair, dry or damp, lock by lock and activate the curls. If you prefer to use the diffuser tranquilly, because the product has thermal protection. Do not rinse.


Activates and keeps curls loose, light, shaped and without frizz.

Magic curls activating fluid 200ml/6.7fl.oz

SKU: 40.000001-01
220٫00AED Regular Price
154٫00AEDSale Price
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