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Lowell Protect Care Power Nutri Duo Kit for dry hair. Recovers the vitality and lost moisture of the hair.

Lowell Protect Care Power Nutri Kit Duo nourishes, repairs the damage caused by dryness and provides a radiant glow. With it you get clean, healthy, frizz-free and extremely soft hair.


Lowell Protect Care Nutri Shampoo 240ml/8.11fl.oz: Completely moisturizes and cleanses hair.

Lowell Protect Care Power Nutri Conditioner 200ml/6.76fl.oz: Seals the cuticles, detangles and increases the resistance of the wires.

Application: Apply shampoo to damp hair and massage gently with your fingertips. After foaming, rinse until all product is removed. If necessary, repeat the process.

Then pass the conditioner on length and ends. Let it act for a moment and rinse. With clean and damp hair, apply the length mask to the ends. Wait for 3 minutes and remove.


Beautiful, soft and hydrated hair.

Protect Care Power Nutrition Home Care Treatment Kit

175٫00AED Regular Price
148٫75AEDSale Price
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